Universal vibration power supply for studs.
Scope: M3 – M12, 6-40 mm standard length.
Suitable with automatic pistol and head. Monobloc system for quick change of measurements.

Scope: M3 – M12, 6-40 mm di lunghezza standard
Material: Iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum
Welding system: capacitor discharge, short arc
Load capacity: from 20 to 50 prisoners/minute, depending on size
Diameter of the vibrator: 400 mm
Support plate dimensions: 550 x 10 x 670 mm (L x h x La)
Power Supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Compressed air: 5-7 bar
Weight: 80 Kg
Colour: RAL 5009 Blu

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