With this welding system, the energy accumulated in a capacitor battery is discharged
through a small point on the stud in a very short time of 1-3 ms (0.001 – 0.003 sec.). It is not
necessary to weld with gas protection or ceramic ferrules.


This welding system is applied to clean and thin sheets with a minimum thickness of
0.5mm, and the welding penetration is only 0.1mm. After welding, there is no sign of
thermal or mechanical deformation on the visible surface of the welded object. Therefore,
welding is particularly suitable where it is necessary to preserve the aesthetic appearance
of the welded part.

Step n. 1

The tip of the stud touches the metal surface, begins the arc.

Step n. 2

The arc generates the melting of the contact surfaces.

Step n. 3

The stud descends and solidifieds into the weld pool.

Welding system


Studs, pliers and weldable details

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