With this welding system, energy is supplied through a current rectifier, and intensity and time can be varied.

The welding lasts from 0.1 to 1 sec. depending on the diameter. This welding method is applied to sheets of at least 2 mm thickness, as the welding penetration is 1-3 mm.

Welding takes place with gas protection (up to 8-10 mm), or with ceramic ferrule, depending on the desired welding quality. Arc welding guarantees high-quality joints with high safety guarantees.


It is successfully used in sectors such as metal, civil and industrial construction, heavy carpentry, refractory insulation, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, mechanical construction, etc.

Step n. 1

Studs positioned.

Step n. 2

Lifting and electric arc.

Step n. 3

The studs descend into the weld pool that solidifies.

Welding Machines


Studs, pliers and weldable details

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