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E.O.I. Tecne is celebrating its first fifty years of success in precision dispensing and welding, and is preparing itself for the challenges of the future.
E.O.I. Tecne has always been focused on designing tailor-made solutions for precision dispensing, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Adhesives, oils, greases, silicones, UV, acrylics, mono and bi-component resins, as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products are dispensed with high-precision automatic systems, in controlled dosages and starting from microscopic quantities. In addition to precision dispensing, E.O.I. Tecne also offers high-quality welding solutions, always aimed at supporting industrial assembly processes.

Fifty years of innovation
In its first 50 years of history, since its foundation in 1973, E.O.I. Tecne has witnessed a strong evolution in the industry, amid technological changes and innovations. The story of E.O.I. Tecne is the story of its founder and the colleagues who have contributed to its success over the years. The company was indeed founded in 1973 thanks to the intuition and tenacity of Marco Invernizzi, who created an innovative assembly technique, initially used in goldsmithing production processes, applicable to more industrial sectors and processes. Traditionally, in fact, goldsmithing processes relied on hundreds of micro-welds, obtained with very expensive manual procedures. The change was introduced by Marco Invernizzi, who saw a great opportunity in the technology developed by an American company and decided to export it to Italy. It was a new dispensing system, still very rudimental at the time, which allowed gold to be dosed as if it was a liquid paste, allowing the application of drops of material in controlled quantities and allowing a first level of process automation.
E.O.I. Tecne was born from that specific application in the goldsmithing field, with the aim of making it suitable for many other applications and industrial sectors. E.O.I. Tecne began offering its systems throughout Italy, giving birth to the first development of precision automatic dispensing activity and market.

Increasingly advanced processes
The products, technologies, and competencies provided by E.O.I. Tecne have been strongly evolving over the years, as the result of continuous researching into the most innovative and efficient technologies globally. Over time, E.O.I. Tecne has moved from the simple “time-pressure” syringe dispensing to very sophisticated systems, with volumetric control, application of electronics and robotics. Over the years, there has been a progressive increase in the level of precision and increasingly advanced systems for quality control and performance improvement, up to systems that allow dispensing >1200 doses per second, with absolute control of times and quantities. The process has become very scientific and complex; in line with this trend, over the years new engineers and skills have joined the company.

The variety of solutions offered by E.O.I. Tecne allow to serve an increasing number of industrial sectors, supporting the ever-increasing demand for automation. The trend is towards greater precision, greater control of the dispensed material, and the miniaturization of products and applications. The needs of E.O.I. Tecne’s customers and therefore the level of sophistication required are constantly evolving.

The upcoming years

Thanks to the picture set by its founder and, under the guidance of the Invernizzi family, with its forward looking gaze, E.O.I. Tecne team will continue being the engine of growth and sustainable development of high-quality, increasingly innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers and partners who have been by its side for so many years.

This is E.O.I. Tecne, these are its first 50 years!

The most served sectors are:



Mechanical industry



Industry automation

Electronic components

Furniture and lighting


White goods

Eyewear and clothing accessories