The symmetric radial arc welding allows for excellent welding of iron and stainless steel studs and stainless steel nuts, simplifying the welding procedures. This technology is an absolute novelty in the field of stud welding.


Step n. 1

The stud touches the workpiece and is lifted.
An electric arc is activated

Step n. 2

The arc acquires a spiral trajectory through the magnetic field and melts the two parts to be welded over the entire surface.

Step n. 3

The stud is immersed in the junction area and is firmly bonded.


  • Excellent aesthetic appearance with minimal penetration
  • Ratio between sheet thickness and stud diameter of 1:10
  • 50% energy savings
  • Minimal formation of welding splashes (spatter effect)
  • Small and regular welding bead
  • Limited melting zone
  • Elimination of blowholes
  • Elimination of ceramic ferrules
  • Possibility of welding in all positions



Studs, pliers and weldable details radial arc

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