Capacitor discharge gun for studs with mechanical lifting.
There are three support rods for the centering with the possibility to change the position of these three rods.
Possibility of adjustment of the spring charge.
Scope: M3 – M8

Scope: M3 – M8 Fe coppery, Inox, Al, Ot
Standard welding machines: BMS-8N, BMS-8NV, BMS-10N, BMS-10NV
Welding system: capacitor discharge, remote welding
Cable length: 3 mt. highly flexible
Overall length: 221 mm
Overall high: 132 mm
Diameter of the tube: 40 mm
Support rods: nr. 3 x 120°, Ø 6 mm in Inox
Circumference rods of support: 34 mm
Weight: 0,5 Kg without cable

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