KTS-1550 CNC

Table with cartesian coordinates.
Total dimension: 1780 x 2050 x 2575 mm (without controlling system)
Board size: 2080×1300 mm
Work fields: X 1050 mm axis – Y 1500 mm axis – Z 200 mm axis (pneumatic)

Scope: M3 – M10 Fe coppery , Inox, Al, Ot
Work area X: 1050mm
Work area Y: 1500mm
Work area Z (servo drive): 200mm
Charge Capacity: 150 Kg
Operating accuracy: ±0,15mm
Tolerance: ±0,05mm
Speed of positioning: max 370mm/s
Dimension: 1780mm x 2050mm x 2575mm (La x L x h)
Weight: 1900 kg

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