Arc welder for studs, with digital display.
Available in automatic and normal versions.
Scope: M8 a M24 / Ø 6-25 mm

Scope: M8 – M24 , Ø 6-25 mm
Material: Iron, stainless steel, refractory steel (aluminium in special cases)
Welding system: short arch and raised arch
Standard pistol: PH-5L
Welding current: 360-3000 A
da 120 A a 300 A (per TIG)
da 120 A a 450 A (per elettrodo)
Tempo di saldatura: from 3 to 2.000 ms
Sequenza di saldatura: 360-3000 A
From 120 A to 300 A (for TIG)
From 120 A to 450 A (per electrode)
Power: 3 x 400 V – 50/60Hz – 125 AT
Dimension: 700 x 790 x 1000 mm (La x h x L)
Weight: 160 Kg
Colour: RAL 5009 Blu

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