The AXDV-V1 volumetric valve uses progressive cavity technology that guarantees high dispensing accuracy and repeatability.

The rotation of the rotor carries the fluid into small hermetic cavities of the stator, allowing for a constant and volumetric flow, and the dispensing result is therefore in no way influenced by changes in the viscosity of the fluid.

The valve can handle various types of lubricants from low to high viscosity, even in the case of abrasives. This grease and oil dispensing valve can be easily implemented on automatic and robotic systems and is controlled via the RS 232 interface.

The valve can be powered by syringes, cartridges, pressure tanks, or pressing plate pumps and can withstand up to 35 bar of material input pressure.

Minimum dose: 0,0005 cc
MAX flow: 18 cc/minute
Repeatability: ± 1% (for full rotation)
Maximum input pressure: 35 bar
Power Supply: 24V DC
Weight: 1 kg
Temperature range of use: 10°c – 40°c

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