The AXDV-P1 jet valve is extremely fast and repetitive and allows for contactless dispensing of medium and high viscosity greases and lubricants.

The working principle of this valve is based on a pneumatic piston that moves the opening and closing needle. By means of a solenoid valve, the valve can be activated up to a frequency of 100 cycles per second.

Its main application is the dispensing of lubrication or greasing points in automatic lines where there is a need for high production rates or where the greasing point is difficult to reach with traditional valves.

Thanks to its compactness, this grease and oil dispensing valve can be easily implemented on all automatic and robotic systems and can be powered by pressure tanks or pressing plate pumps and can withstand up to 100 bar of material input pressure.

Material pressure: Maximum 100 bar
Air pressure of activation: Minimum 5 bar – maximum 7 bar
Power Supply: 24V DC
Weight: 300 g
Massimo Grado NLGI: 3

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