The TS9800 is the new piezoelectric jet valve that offers ultra-fast and high-precision dispensing for a wide range of adhesives and viscosities.
The high-speed piezoelectric actuator allows the valve to dispense continuously up to 1500Hz and with a maximum peak up to 2000Hz, producing micro-shots up to 0.5nL.
This TS9800 series jet valve offers compact dimensions and a modular design that facilitates integration into any automatic system.
The parameter settings are fully adjustable through the dedicated control unit, and the valve can be equipped with two different types of nozzles and a fluid heating system if required.
Each component of the valve has been designed to the highest tolerances and produced with the strictest degree of precision, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of dispensing.

Size: 16 x 69,3 x 124,8mm
Weight: 258g
Dispensing speed: Up to 1500hz continuous with peak at 2000hz
Minimum dosage: 0,5nL
Maximum fluid pressure: 6,9bar
Measures Nozzles: 0,05mm a 0,40 mm
Working temperature: 10°C to 50°C
Control interface: DB15, RS-232 Ethernet, USB
Parts in contact with fluid: 304SS, Carbide, EPDM, TEFLON

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