The TS5622 valve is designed to dose low to medium viscosity fluids with great precision and repeatability.

It can dispense from a fraction of a microliter up to continuous operation, and thanks to the short stroke of the closing spring, it can operate very quickly.

Due to its compactness, it can be easily implemented in any system and being completely pneumatic, it can be easily controlled through Techcon control units or external controls.

Thanks to its mechanical adjustment, the amount of the dose to be dispensed can be determined.

The parts in contact with the fluid are available in various materials depending on the needs and type of fluid to be dosed.

Size: 66-88 x 27 mm
Weight: 68 – 120 g
Fluid Chamber: UHMWPE, Teflon, Delrin
Viscosity Range: 1 – 50000 Mpas
Max fluid pressure: 4,8 bar
Control pressure: 4,8 – 6,2 bar

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