TS5624 DMP

The TS5624 Valve is designed to dispense low to medium viscosity fluids with great precision and repeatability.

It can dispense from a fraction of a microliter up to continuous operation and thanks to the short stroke of the closing spring it can operate very quickly.

Compared to other diaphragm valves, the TS5624 is equipped with an interchangeable fluid path which allows it to be used even for applications with much more critical fluids, such as pre-mixed two-component resins.

In addition, it does not require any cleaning in case of fluid change as it will simply be necessary to replace the conduit with a new one.

Given its compactness, it is easily implementable in any system and being completely pneumatic it is easily controllable via Techcon control units or via external controls.

Thanks to its mechanical adjustment, the amount of the dose to be dispensed can be determined.

Size: 85 x 55 mm
Weight: 113 g
Fluid Chamber: Black polyethylene
Viscosity range: 1 – 50000 Mpas
Max fluid pressure: 4,1 bar
Control pressure: 4,8 – 6,2 bar

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