The TS550R control unit is dedicated to Techcon pneumatic valves such as the TS1212 pinch valve, TS941/TS5322 spool valves, TS5420/TS5440 needle valves, and all valves in the TS5620/TS5622 diaphragm series.
This control unit is fully managed through a functional touch screen that displays all operating parameters. TS550R is a control unit equipped with a digital timer and digital pressure regulator to provide precise and reliable control.
The system is very simple and intuitive to install, use, and program, and can be easily integrated into automatic and semi-automatic systems, as well as used for stand-alone operator-managed stations.
This control unit also has an Ethernet and WiFi interface and can be remotely controlled, making it compliant with Industry 4.0 regulations.
Up to 50 programs can be saved, and there are various working modes.
The package includes the power cable and pedal for manual use.

Size: 290 X 211 x 99 mm
Weight: 3,1 Kg
Range Pressure: 0 – 6,9 bar
Cycle Frequency: 900/minute
Range of working time: 0,008 – 99,9 seconds
Repetitive timing: +/- 0,001%
Cycle mode: Timed – Sequence – Manual – Teach
Number of programmes: 50
Supply voltage: 24V with transformer supplied
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi
Certification: CE, TUV-GS

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