Fluid dispenser TS250

TS250 is an economical, precise, and reliable dispensing unit equipped with a digital timer and an anti-drip system.
It allows for dispensing through syringes, cartridges, and pneumatic valves, and all the parameters set are displayed on an LCD screen.
This unit can be used to dose drops repeatedly and consistently, even very small ones, or to create cords.
The system comes with a pedal for manual operation, but it can also be controlled by an automatic system through the RS232 port and integrated into an automatic line.

Size: 152 x 195 x 183 mm
Weight: 1,2 Kg
Air supply: 6,9 bar max
Maximum working pressure: 6,9 bar (TS250) – 1 bar (TS255)
Cycle frequency: Max 600 cicli/minute
Range of working time: 0,02 – 60 seconds
Repetitive timing: +/- 0,001%
Cycle mode: Timed – Manual
Supply voltage: 24V with transformer supplied
Terms of use: Altitudine max 2000m – da 0°C a 50°C
Certification: CE, TUV-GS, NRTL

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