The TS1212 pinch tube valve can handle low to medium viscosity fluids and can work both continuously and dispense drops.
The opening and closing function is obtained by compressing an interchangeable tube, and adjusting the opening of the latter helps to determine the quantity and speed of fluid dispensing.
The compact valve is completely pneumatic and can be controlled either by a control unit or by a robotic system to dispense precise and repetitive doses.
The only part of the valve in contact with the fluid is the interchangeable tube, making this valve perfect for use with critical fluids such as cyanoacrylates or premixed two-component resins.

Size: 83 x 62 mm
Weight: 82 g
Fluid chamber: Polyethylene, Polyurethane (optional)
Fluid input: female luer lock
Fluid output: male luer lock
Viscosity range: 1 – 45000 Mpas
Max fluid pressure: 4,1 bar
Control pressure: 3,4 bar minimum
Cycle frequency: 400/minute
Mounting hole: 1/4″-20UNC-2B

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