The TS1201 manual valve can handle low to medium viscosity fluids and is fully operated by the operator through the actuation button.

The opening and closing function is achieved by compressing an interchangeable tube, and adjusting the opening of the latter helps determine the amount and speed of fluid delivery.

The valve is compact in size and its shape makes it comfortable for the operator to hold.

The only part of the valve that comes into contact with the fluid is the interchangeable tube, making it perfect for use with critical fluids such as cyanoacrylates or pre-mixed two-component resins.

Size: 37 x 122 mm
Weight: 36 g
Fluid chamber: Polyethylene, Polyurethane (optional)
Fluid input: female luer lock
Fluid output: male luer lock
Viscosity range: 1 – 45000 Mpas
Max fluid pressure: 4,1 bar

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