TE series needles

TE series needles with polypropylene body and steel cannula.

This series of TE needles are made up of a steel cannula and a polypropylene body with Luer lock attachment.

The cannula is burr-free and electropolished to allow for uniform material flow, while the body is free of silicone and chlorides.

They are available in various diameters, cannula lengths, and can have the cannula angled at 45° or 90°.

Cannula length: 6,4mm (1/4″), 12,7mm (1/2″), 25,4mm (1″), 38,1mm (1-1/2″)
Inner diameter cannula: da 0,102 mm a 1,6 mm
Cannula angle: Dritta, 45°, 90°
Materials: Steel and polypropylene
Connection: Male luer lock

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