Needles Series TS

This series of TS needles is available in two versions. One is called TS-M with an aluminum body and steel cannula, which is only supplied in packs of 500 and is used in general applications.

The TS-SS version has a steel cannula and a nickel-plated brass body, is supplied in packs of 12, and is used for precision applications.

Both versions are available with various cannula diameters and in the case of the TS-M version, also with various cannula lengths.

Cannula length: da 12,7 mm a 50,8 mm 12,7 mm
Inner diameter cannula: from 1,19 mm a 1,6 mm from 0,17 mm a 2,21 mm
Materials: TS-M (steel and aluminum) TS-SS (Steel and nickel-plated brass)
Connection: Male Luer lock Male Luer lock

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