Digital dispensing unit Supersigma

The Supersigma dispensing unit has been specifically designed to offer extremely high precision and repeatability of microdoses in syringe applications.

Thanks to the dispensing software loaded inside it, it is able to automatically equalize the pressure inside the syringe as it empties, thus ensuring the highest repeatability in the delivered dose.

Moreover, it automatically regulates the vacuum management inside the syringe to eliminate any possible loss between one dosage and another and to avoid the formation of possible air bubbles inside the fluid.

Through the software, it is also able to indicate the fluid level inside the syringe in order to avoid possible waste on automatic lines.

Various dispensing programs can be saved through the unit and it can be easily interfaced with PLCs of automatic lines.

Pressure range for dispensing: from 0,05 bar to 5 bar
Dosage time range:  from 0,001 s up to over 9000 s
Communication port: RS232 C

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