VMP pump

The volumetric dispensing system is based on the principle of the progressive cavity pump.

The passivated steel rotor rotates inside a stator creating volumetric cavities and allowing the fluid to be moved, this system is also self-sealing so as to avoid any unwanted dripping once the work cycle is finished.

Thanks to its characteristics, this system can dose fluids from very low viscosity to very high viscosity, the fluids can also be loaded and abrasive.

The VMP pump is available in various different sizes depending on the amount of fluid required for the application.

It is also available in a Food&Pharma version with certification and with the possibility of SIP and CIP systems.

The system can be implemented in any automatic line and can be managed in all its functions by the PLC.

System weight without motor: from 7,3 kg to 28 kg
Maximum input fluid pressure: from 10 bar to 40 bar depending on the model
Repeatability in the dose: higher than 99%
Volume flow per lap: from 4 ml to 65 ml
Operating temperature: from 10° C to 100° C

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