The TS941 shuttle valve offers great precision and speed in dispensing even large volumes of materials of various viscosities, and the negative closure system allows for an automatic suck-back effect of the material at the end of dispensing.


A small oil tank outside the valve creates a liquid seal that prevents moisture from passing inside the valve and keeps the internal shuttle lubricated.


This valve is completely pneumatic and can be integrated into all automatic systems. Moreover, by withstanding high fluid inlet pressure, it can also be used with flat pressing pumps for highly viscous materials such as grease and silicones.

Size: 119 x 38 mm
Weight: 726 g
Fluid Chamber: 303 SS, Chromed stainless steel, UHMWPE, EPR
Viscosity Range: 5 – 3000000 Mpas
Max fluid pressure: 172,4 bar
Control pressure: 4,8 bar minimum
Cycle frequency: 400/minute

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