TS8100-100 PC

The volumetric valve TS8100-100 PC uses progressive cavity technology that guarantees high accuracy of dosage and repeatability.

The rotation of the rotor carries the fluid inside small hermetic cavities of the stator, allowing a constant and volumetric flow of the fluid that is not influenced in any way by changes in the fluid’s viscosity.

The valve can handle various types of fluids from low to high viscosity, including abrasive ones.

It can be easily implemented on automatic lines and systems and is controlled through its dedicated control unit.

The valve can be powered by syringes or cartridges or through pressure tanks.

Size: 205,7 x 34 mm
Weight: 380 g
Motor: 24 VDC
Volume dispensed per rotation: 0,012 ml
Volume flow: 0,15 – 1,04 ml/minuts
Minimum dose: 0,001 ml
Repeatability: ± 1% (per rotazione completa)
Viscosity range: 1-300000 Mpas
Materials in contact with fluid: POM, SS, PFE, UHMWPE

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