The TS7000 valve uses a rotating screw to dose the fluid with a rotary displacement action, offering great precision and control during dispensing.

This system conveys the material from the feeding point to the nozzle without the risk of separating the fluid components and can handle viscosities from medium to high.
The unique parts in contact with the fluid are the screw and the dispensing chamber, which can be easily replaced without disassembling the entire valve, making it ideal for automatic systems.

The valve is controlled through its dedicated control unit, which can manage all the valve’s operating parameters.

There is the possibility of using three different types of screws that offer different flow rates depending on the needs.

Size: 38 x 94 x 196 mm
Weight: 390 g
Max fluid pressure: 2,1 bar
Viscosity range: 30000 – 1300000 Mpas
Cycle frequency: 300/minute
Fluid chamber: Tempered steel, SS, UHMWPE
Fluid input: female luer lock

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