Eco – Pen

The Eco-Pen volumetric dispensing system is based on the principle of the progressive cavity pump.

The passivated steel rotor rotates inside a stator creating volumetric cavities and allowing the fluid to be moved, this system is also self-sealing so as to avoid any unwanted dripping once the work cycle is finished.

Thanks to its characteristics, this system can dose products from very low viscosity to very high viscosity, the products can also be loaded and abrasive.

The Eco-Pen valve is available in five different sizes 300, 330, 450, 600, 700 depending on the amount of product required for the application.

The system can be managed in all its parameters through its dedicated control unit or through a PLC thanks to a controller that acts as an interface.

System weight: from 380 gr to 750 gr
Eco – Pen models: 300, 330, 450, 600, 700
Maximum input fluid pressure: 6 bar
Repeatability in the dose: higher than 99%
Volume flow rate: depending on size from 0,12 ml/min to 60 ml/min
Operating temperature: from 10°C to 40°C
Motor: 18 – 24 V DC, incremental encoder, planetary gear
Components in contact with fluid: HD POM, steel, Vischem or Vislas

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