Delolux 80

The Delolux 80 UV LED lamps are designed to allow UV resins to polymerize over small work areas.

The irradiation area can vary from an 17mm diameter up to a maximum of 23mm, and they are available with 3 different wavelengths depending on the type of resin to be polymerized.

These lamps are activated through their controller, which can manage all parameters. The controller can be used both in a work station with an operator that has a large LCD panel and in a fully automated line.

The great advantage of LED lamps over traditional bulb lamps is that they do not require any warm-up or cool-down time and can therefore work in a continuous cycle, even very fast, of switching on and off.

In addition, their energy consumption is much lower than that of bulb lamps, and the service life of LED lamps is much longer.

Due to their very compact shape, they can be easily implemented in any automatic line, and this type of lamp also integrates a liquid cooling system inside the connection cable, which allows these lamps to be mounted even in very tight spaces.

Size of irradiation area: diameter from 17 mm up to 23 mm
Wavelength: 365nm – 400nm – 460nm
Power levels: From 2500mw/cm2 up to 5500 mw/cm2 depending on wavelength
Max number of lamps per controller: 1
Cooling system: liquid-integrated

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