Flat pressing pumps

We have various models of platen pumps suitable for resins, greases, and silicones. They can be used to draw material from drums ranging from 1kg up to large 200kg drums. The platen is made to fit the dimensions of the commercial drum so that all the product inside can be extracted. The pumps can have different compression ratios and various flow rates depending on the need. There are also various types of accessories available, such as hoses and pressure reducers, and optional extras depending on the requirements and the type of application. For automatic lines, systems with dual pumps and automatic switching from one pump to another can also be created.

Usable drums: From 1kg a 200 kg
Compression ratios: From 5:1 a 60:1
Heating System: Possibility to heat the drum, the platen, and the hoses.
Empty drum signal: yes

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