Cartesian robot JC-3

This series of Cartesian robots offers great ease of use and programming, along with extremely high axis precision and build quality.

They are available in 3-axis and 4-axis versions and in various combinations of work areas up to 850×700 mm.

These robots are designed to be implemented in automatic lines of all types, but can also be used in stand-alone positions.

Janome robots can be used in various types of applications, from dispensing to screwing to pick and place, and much more.

Thanks to Janome’s proprietary software, the robots can be easily programmed directly on the piece, without the use of a computer, via an intuitive keyboard.

The robot can be controlled via the line’s PLC or via the operator panel where the program can be selected and started.

There is also software available for computers, through which CAD files of the pieces can be loaded to create the program always through the software.

Finally, it is possible to implement a complete vision system to allow the robot to recognize the positioning of the pieces and automatically create an offset of the program on each piece.

Working area: different combinations from 200×200 mm up to 850×700 mm
Weight on the Z axis (working tool): up to 8 Kg
Axis repeatability : 0,01 mm
Axis speed: up to 800 mm/sec
Programs that can be saved on the robot: up to 999 or up to 32000 working points
Possibility to interface to the corporate network: yes (industry 4.0 ready)

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